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Wedding Painting for Your Next Anniversary

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Are you looking for an original idea for your next anniversary gift?

An anniversary painting can really be about anything you loved about your special day. Perhaps it’s the location that you fell in love with,  the sunset as you were strolling down a country road or perhaps a silhouette of the both of you in the landscape.

Whatever your idea, I’d love to hear all about it and create a personal keepsake painting for you.

How a painting commission works?

  • We email regarding what to paint. If you’d like we can also meet on Skype if you prefer.
  • Once we’ve decided on what to paint, I will email you a sketch just so you can have an idea of what your painting will look like.
  • After you’ve approved the sketch, you can make a 50% payment via Paypal.
  • Normally it takes about 3 weeks to complete an oil painting due to drying times between layers of paint.
  • Once I’ve finished your painting, I’ll send you images of it for your approval.
  • Your painting will dry and once it’s ready I’ll ship it to you and send you a shipping notice with tracking number.


As a professional artist I use only the finest Italian & English oil paints and supports in order to guarantee that your artwork will last for generations.  I will provide a Certificate of Authenticity and simple guidelines to care for your painting.

My studio is in Umbria, Italy and I ship all my paintings using International Priority Registered Mail which includes a tracking number. Shipping time is 7-18 days depending upon location.

If your painting is urgent I can also ship it express so it will arrive in 4-5 days.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or send me an email here:

You can also visit my shop here: Barragan Paintings su  and view view my feedback here: Barragan Paintings Feedback

Thank you!



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Painting in the Studio this Morning

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One of the things that I like about Autumn and the changes of the season are the shorter days and low laying light.  Sure, this means I have less time to paint using this light but it also means that I can intensify the time I spend painting.  So I bundle up and open my studio windows to get lots of fresh air since I’m using oil paints.

This morning I’m working on a wedding commission for a client in the US.  I’ll be able to show it to you later as it’s a surprise for their spouse.

Have you got any questions about painting commissions or my event painting services here in Italy? Go ahead and leave a comment below, I’ll get back to you soon.

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Live Wedding Painting at Villa Balbianello in Italy

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Landing on the docks at Villa Balbianello was like stepping into a fairytale.  This 18th century Italian villa built on a promontory on Lake Como with its carefully cured garden is the ideal luxury destination wedding venue.

I was there to captrue a young American couple’s afternoon ceremony and I couldn’t have been happier to paint here.  Gemma and her team from My Lake Como Wedding made sure all the details where in place: florals, aperitifs, table settings and caterers ensuring the couple’s day was truly unforgettable.

They chose the Loggia for their ceremony with its ivy covered arches and breathtaking view of the lake.  I arrived about 3 hours before to set up, sketch the scene and paint the afternoon glow and would continue through the evening.  One of the things that I enjoyed about painting in such a festive moment was being able to talk with the guests and family members, answering questions about the painting and chit chatting about Italy. Most of the painting was done that evening and the final touches were painted in the studio in the following weeks.  Looking forward to my next Lake Como wedding!













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Live Painting with Opera Extravaganza in Umbria

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Walking into the Teatro Sociale in Amelia, Umbria is like walking into a box of fine chocolates, you know, the kind that are decorated all sweet and lovely.  It’s a recently restored theatre built in 1783 by the architect Stefano Cansacchi and exquisitely decorated.

teatro sociale amelia umbria

I was there to kick off Opera Extravaganza’s first event of 2016: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the Opera Buffa, La Dirindina.  Opera Extravaganza is an incredibly talented cultural organization located iin Vetralla, Lazio Italy and headed by Susanna Ohtonen and Rudolph Hupperts.  They dedicated themselves to organizing high level operas, concerts and courses.  They’ve put together a wonderfully innovative project called “Adopt a Theatre”.  Basically anyone in the world can sign up to adopt a theatre and by doing so can view via live streaming the productions that Opera Extravaganza organises during the year.  Just think, you can watch a live opera production in the comfort of your own home wherever that may be.

caridad barragan

I arrived at the theatre about 3 hours before the start of the concert in order to set up and start painting the background.  What a treat to paint during the rehearsal, listening to Vivaldi.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to paint during the Dirindina since it would only last about 40 minutes.  I had to get as much painting down as possible beforehand.  The rest would have to be done from photograph later in my studio.


Having spoken with Susanna about the painting, she explained to me that she wanted me to capture the joy and playfulness of the Dirindina with her big wig and heavy stage makeup. And this is exactly what I did!  It was very important to paint the warmth and glow of the theatre lights that illuminate the theatre and also paint small details of the actors on stage.

I can’t wait to Live Paint my next venue!

Are you planning an event such as a wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or corporate in event in Italy or Europe.  Contact me below, I’d love to paint your celebration.

Thank you.

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Choosing Your Live Wedding Painter in Italy

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How to Choose the Perfect Live Wedding Painter

You’ve just set your wedding date in Italy, Europe or maybe the UK and you’re starting to organise and think about the many details it’s going to involve: flowers, favours, your color theme, entertainment, catering, you know what I mean.  Whether you’re a recently engaged couple or an experienced wedding planner specialised in destination weddings, how do you go about choosing the right Live Wedding Painter for your special day?

Here are a series of points to keep in mind when hiring a Live Wedding Painter:

  1. Visit their website.  Is it neat, organized?  Does it have personality and a style of its own?  Does it look happy?  Does it communicate serenity?  Does the painter look friendly and natural?
  2. Have a look at their gallery of paintings and ask yourself,  Is this a style that I like? Would I want their work hanging in my home?  Is it cheerful and fresh?
  3. Have they got an online shop?  What does their feedback say about them as a person.  Are they “super easy to work with” and is their customer satisfaction rating 5 stars?
  4. Where are they located? Will they travel to my venue?
  5. If you’re having a international destination wedding it may be a plus to have an Live Painter that speaks different languages and be able to communicate and interact with your guests.
  6. Contact them with any of your questions and notice the tone they answer you in.  Do they answer you right away? Are they courteous.
  7. Ask them for references and or images of other live painting events they have painted.
  8. Once you’ve decided which one is the best for you, you’ll want to ask them for their pricing.  But beware of low pricing!

Event painting is lots of fun for your guests but it is a skill that takes professional training and thousands of hours to hone. A professional Live Wedding Painter arrives 3-4 hours prior to the start of your event in order to set up and start sketching and painting the background of your painting.  He or she will continue painting for another 4-5 hours and will eventually complete your painting in the studio the following weeks adding precious details and finishing touches.

In the end you’ll have a one of a kind work of art that captures your special day on canvas.

If you have a personal experience hiring a Live Wedding Painter in Italy, Europe or the UK please share it with me in the comments below.

Thank you!



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5 Advantages of Hiring a Live Wedding Painter

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I bet the majority of you ‘couples to be’ have never heard of what a Live Wedding Painter for Luxury Weddings is or does.  You’re not alone.

Live Wedding Painting has been on the rise in the United States for the past 8 years as the New York Times has said.  However it is a relatively unknown profession in Europe & the UK.  Let’s keep it simple: a Live Wedding Painter is a professional painter that you hire to paint your wedding celebration or reception as it takes place, right before your eyes.

So what are some advantages to hiring a Live Wedding Painter for your wedding?

  1. A Live Wedding Painter can paint a scene or scenes from your wedding in such a way as to capture the feeling of your special day. Whether it’s the first dance, the cutting of the cake or the wedding ceremony itself.  Once finished, your painting becomes a fine memory of your wedding day and takes you back to the happiest moment of your celebration.  There can be literally thousands of photographs of you taken by friends and family but there will be just one live wedding painting.
  2. A Live Wedding Painter adds an original touch of elegance to your wedding entertainment.  Many people have never had the opportunity to observe a painting take place.  It is something truly magical to see it unfold before their eyes.  A Live Wedding Painter arrives at the venue at least 3 hours before the guests in order to start sketching the venue.  So by the time guests arrive they can already see the painting start to take shape.
  3. Your Live Wedding Painting will be a keepsake for generations simply because it’s painted with high quality archival materials which mean: professional quality acrylics or oil paints on canvas.  I’ll get into the difference between acrylics and oils in another article.
  4. Upon talking with your Live Wedding Painter you can have the freedom to compose and edit in or out guests that you may or may not want in your final painting. For example, you may want the cake table in the same room as the main dance floor or perhaps centrally located.  You and your Live Wedding Painter work closely to choose the best possible composition and scene(s) to paint.
  5. A Live Wedding Painter always paints people looking happy and with a slight brushstroke they can seem younger or even slimmer if necessary.

Live Wedding Paintings are all about elegantly capturing your dreams, your day on canvas while entertaining your guests and creating a one of a kind keepsake memory of your special day.

Raise your hand if you’re going to hire a Live Wedding Painter for your wedding in 2016 and leave your comment below.

Thank you.

live event painter in italy

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Caridad Barragan on

Comments (0) Senza categoria is a different artist website.  Up until now, art platforms worked like virtual art galleries where artists could showcase their work and the platform would take a fee from any sales made through them.  These platforms have gotten big, clogged up and well, it’s difficult to get found. has other ambitions.  It seeks to connect collectors and artists not just virtually but having potential collectors visit the artist’s studio and buy directly from them.  So let’s say you’re visiting a major city or perhaps a farm town (us artists like the boonies!).  You can log on to, enter your location to see which artists are near you, contact them and ask to visit they’re studio.  It’s as easy as that.

I find this approach humanizing and a great way to meet local artists or international artists like me in their own personal creative space.  So if you’re an artist and you’d like to connect with potential collectors, I suggest you join this fun platform.

I’m on Verni as Caridad Barragan  so if you’re passing through Umbria on your way to Rome or Florence, I’m just 15 minutes away from the nearest autostrada exit, get in touch with me through the platform and come up for a cuppa coffee or tea and visit my studio.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Plein Air Painting at Roccafiore in Umbria

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Schermata 2015-09-12 a 20.57.57

The countryside around Todi is surrounded by endless rolling hills and Roccafiore Wines is cradled among them.  It’s a sweet and slow 5 minute drive up the hill to the winery and you can even catch a glimpse of Todi just across the motor way.

As a painter, you can’t just trample on someone’s property, and especially not a vineyard in full harvest.  I planned ahead and wrote Laura Ferrucci the Hospitality Manager who basically rolled out a little red carpet for me.  She set up an appointment to show me the cantina, tell me a little bit about the philosophy behind it and greeted me with warmth and enthusiasm.  I had the chance to explore the grounds and find a couple painting places for the next day.  Umbria is always beautiful but it’s particularly magical if you can experience it during one of its harvests and see the transformation of olives or grapes into prime quality products.

Schermata 2015-09-12 a 21.00.43Schermata 2015-09-12 a 20.59.15

What really caught my eye about this place was its aesthetic and design, its architecture and landscaping fused together.  Nothing is left to chance and everything is absolutely beautiful, from the hanging grapes, to the logo, to the farmers harvesting Grecchetto.

I woke up very early to get to the vineyards and be “in the field” by 7:30 a.m.  The morning light is the best and it moves real quick in the autumn.  I really liked the perspective that the vines offered so I set up my easel making sure I wasn’t in anyones way, especially the tractor dude that would come by every so often and pick up the harvested grapes.

Schermata 2015-09-12 a 20.58.23

The pickers, which are local farmers that live in the area and work seasonally for the cantina were really amused by my presence as was I by theirs.  They had never seen a painter in their field before and were pretty happy to catch a glimps of my painting while it was developing.

Schermata 2015-09-12 a 21.00.10

I really enjoyed painting en plein air in these Umbrian vineyards, the cool morning breeze, the sweetness of the farmers and knowing that I too was contributing to the harvest (in my own little way of course!).

Would you like to paint a wine harvest or olive harvest in Umbria, Italy?  Contact me below.


A special thanks to Alessandra at Discovering Umbria Tours in Todi for having introduced me to Laura Ferrucci at Roccafiore Wines.


Download your FREE Roccafiore Vineyard Painting Print that I painted that morning. I suggest you print your painting on 200 or 300 gm. cardstock for best results:




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