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0 is a different artist website.  Up until now, art platforms worked like virtual art galleries where artists could showcase their work and the platform would take a fee from any sales made through them.  These platforms have gotten big, clogged up and well, it’s difficult to get found. has other ambitions.  It seeks to connect collectors and artists not just virtually but having potential collectors visit the artist’s studio and buy directly from them.  So let’s say you’re visiting a major city or perhaps a farm town (us artists like the boonies!).  You can log on to, enter your location to see which artists are near you, contact them and ask to visit they’re studio.  It’s as easy as that.

I find this approach humanizing and a great way to meet local artists or international artists like me in their own personal creative space.  So if you’re an artist and you’d like to connect with potential collectors, I suggest you join this fun platform.

I’m on Verni as Caridad Barragan  so if you’re passing through Umbria on your way to Rome or Florence, I’m just 15 minutes away from the nearest autostrada exit, get in touch with me through the platform and come up for a cuppa coffee or tea and visit my studio.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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