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Choosing Your Live Wedding Painter in Italy


How to Choose the Perfect Live Wedding Painter

You’ve just set your wedding date in Italy, Europe or maybe the UK and you’re starting to organise and think about the many details it’s going to involve: flowers, favours, your color theme, entertainment, catering, you know what I mean.  Whether you’re a recently engaged couple or an experienced wedding planner specialised in destination weddings, how do you go about choosing the right Live Wedding Painter for your special day?

Here are a series of points to keep in mind when hiring a Live Wedding Painter:

  1. Visit their website.  Is it neat, organized?  Does it have personality and a style of its own?  Does it look happy?  Does it communicate serenity?  Does the painter look friendly and natural?
  2. Have a look at their gallery of paintings and ask yourself,  Is this a style that I like? Would I want their work hanging in my home?  Is it cheerful and fresh?
  3. Have they got an online shop?  What does their feedback say about them as a person.  Are they “super easy to work with” and is their customer satisfaction rating 5 stars?
  4. Where are they located? Will they travel to my venue?
  5. If you’re having a international destination wedding it may be a plus to have an Live Painter that speaks different languages and be able to communicate and interact with your guests.
  6. Contact them with any of your questions and notice the tone they answer you in.  Do they answer you right away? Are they courteous.
  7. Ask them for references and or images of other live painting events they have painted.
  8. Once you’ve decided which one is the best for you, you’ll want to ask them for their pricing.  But beware of low pricing!

Event painting is lots of fun for your guests but it is a skill that takes professional training and thousands of hours to hone. A professional Live Wedding Painter arrives 3-4 hours prior to the start of your event in order to set up and start sketching and painting the background of your painting.  He or she will continue painting for another 4-5 hours and will eventually complete your painting in the studio the following weeks adding precious details and finishing touches.

In the end you’ll have a one of a kind work of art that captures your special day on canvas.

If you have a personal experience hiring a Live Wedding Painter in Italy, Europe or the UK please share it with me in the comments below.

Thank you!



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