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Custom Wedding Anniversary Paintings from Photo


Looking for a fun and romantic wedding anniversary gift?  A custom wedding anniversary painting is the perfect gift.

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I take great pride and joy in painting a couples most important date together.  As I observe your photo, I try to capture the essence and happiness of that day in order to create a one of a kind painting for you and your family to enjoy.
I create your painting using natural lighting in my studio in Umbria, Italy.




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I carefully pack my paintings and always ship them via priority international registered mail from Italy to ensure they arrive safely at your doorstep.

Details are important to me, that’s why I always giftwrap my paintings so they’re ready to be given to your loved one.
I also include a little surprise card in the packaging.




Read here to find out HOW A CUSTOM ORDER WORKS:
Contact me through my Etsy Shop.
– Send me a high quality image(s)
– We convo about the details including which photo to paint.
– You make a 50% non refundable deposit (I will send you a link to make payment)
– I paint your painting from the photograph and ship it to you once it dries.
– You make final payment after I send you photos of your finished painting.
– Drying time 2-3 weeks
– Shipping time 5-10 working days (shipping from Italy)

Please contact me to discuss details before purchasing. Thanks!

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