As a Grand Luxury Event Painter originally from California and living in Italy for 30 years, I have been strongly influenced by the incredible abundance of art in Italy and in Europe.

I am surrounded by the Renaissance masters with their timeless techniques, composition and colours.

Breathing in the Italian artistic cultural heritage, I feel that I have an

opportunity and an obligation to elevate contemporary Event Painting as an art form and therefore have come to adopt a personal approach to the craft by:

  • focusing on creating one of a kind compositions 
  • including the richest of fine detail in the figures of my paintings
  • striving to create museum quality paintings 
  • creating extraordinary paintings worthy of my extraordinary clients

Approximately 6 years ago, I stumbled upon a New York Times article about Event Painting at weddings in the US and right then and there, realised that I could bring together my painting talent, sensitivity and social skills (did I say I speak also speak Italian, Spanish, a little French and am working on Russian?)

to capture the uniqueness of a celebration on canvas.

I truly enjoy painting for my clients and just savouring the joyful energy of a festivity.

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