Live Painting of your wedding celebration or reception as it takes place, right before your guests eyes.



Because of its size and considerable amount of detail, this style of Event Painting is focused on creating an epic masterpiece of your celebration. Slight characteristics and gestures of you and your guests will be captured along with floral decor and entertainers. The bride & groom, parents, wedding party, and small children are beautifully painted and recognisable. Your painting becomes a tableaux vivant and a sort of open wedding album of that day.

At the venue, I paint the composition, background, and sketch some figures into your painting. My assistant will be present to take hundreds of reference photos during your cocktail hour, dinner, or celebration. Back in the studio, I use a selection to precisely place figures into the painting, creating a unique composition.

An Atelier Style painting is for the discerning collector that is looking to create a statement piece for their home. Brushstrokes are precise and soft.

ATELIER STYLE Live Event Painting at your wedding

captures all the wonderful details of your celebration including the atmosphere and festiveness of that day.


  • 6 hours live event painting at your venue
  • 4-8 weeks studio painting refinement to include facial detail of couple & guests, venue details, floral arrangements and possible musicians and catering figures
  • painted on professional fine Belgian linen canvas

personally stretched and primed with gesso


70 x 100 cm. / 27.5 x 39.4 in.

90 x 120 cm. / 35.4 x 47.2 in.

Other sizes and formats available upon request.

International insured courier shipping EXCLUDED.

Transportation & accommodation fee may apply if your venue is more than a 2 hour drive.

Event painting of celebration in Tuscany


This style of Event Painting is focused on capturing the festive atmosphere of your venue and the warm afternoon colors of the Italian landscape with just a hint of detail on the bride and groom.

Short, thick strokes of paint are used to capture the essence of the scene rather than its details.

Quickly applied brushstrokes give the painterly illusion of movement and spontaneity.

This painting style includes:

  • one IMPRESSIONIST STYLE Event Painting in oil paints on fine professional-grade Belgian linen canvas personally stretched and primed with gesso
  • 5+ hours of live event painting at your venue
  • 2-3 days of in-studio painting refinement

Available Sizes

  • 60 X 80 cm. / 23.6 X 31.5 in. €1900
  • 70 X 90 cm. / 27.5 X 35.4 in €2300

Larger sizes are available upon request.

Paintings may be shipped flat or rolled.

International insured courier shipping is EXCLUDED however I can happily provide you with various quotes once I have your country & postal code.

A transportation & accommodation fee may apply if your venue is more than a 2-hour drive.

event painting in italy


based on your celebration

Cocktail Hour at Villa Aurelia in Rome – (2.50 x 100 mt. – 8.20 x 3.28 ft., oil on heavy Belgian linen canvas)

MUSEM QUALITY GRAND PAINTINGS are ideal in commemorating your epic celebration or event. Include your closest family and friends along with particular details of your venue and its decor whether it be a lush Italian garden or a palazzo ball room. Painted entirely in professional Italian oil paints on heavy Belgian linen canvas, IT will last for generations to come.

Commissions are accepted year around and are painted during the Autumn/Winter seasons.


1.5 x 2.3 mt. / 4.92 x 7.54 ft.

2.5 x 1 mt. / 8.20 x 3.28 ft.

Wedding Boutique paintings & favours are painted exclusively for you in my studio using only the finest Italian supports and professional grade oil paints.



Portrait paintings in oils have always been of significance in homes throughout history.

Your wedding in Italy is an important event to commemorate as a couple and family.

Museum Quality Wedding Portraits are perfect as a statement piece in an entrance or a sitting room over a mantle.

Caridad always paint portraits from photographs that she has personally taken in order to control the light, composition and pose.

  • After having discussed priorly what type of portrait you would like and the elements to include, She will come to your wedding and personally take photos for reference.
  • After which you will be sent a preliminary sketch for approval. This will include the composition of the painting.
  • Once approved, she will start your painting and it will be finished within 4-6 weeks, after which she will send you images for your approval.
  • Once you have approved your painting, it will be shipped 2-3 weeks later in order to allow it to dry.


60 x 120 cm. / 23.62 x 31.49 in.

110 x 200 cm. / 43.30 x 78.74 in

2 x 2mt. or 1.5 x 2.5 mt. / 6.56 x 6.56 ft. or 4.92 x 8.20 ft.

Transportation & accommodation fee may apply if your venue is more than a 2 hour drive.


Large decorative floral panels inspired from your wedding florals, decor, and venue created exclusively for you in studio with Italian mineral pigments on canvas. This type of painting is ideal for your home entry or above your bed.


180 x 110 cm.

Includes international express shipping.

Finished painting will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

Other formats available.

hand painted wedding favors in Italy

Mini-canvas floral oil paintings of your wedding bouquet painted in oils on canvas with sides embellished in lacquered golden leaf. Includes handwritten names of bride & groom with wedding date on the back.

These little paintings add a sweet and romantic touch to your Italian wedding day and are the perfect favour to compliment it.

Includes Italian registered domestic shipping directly to your venue.

Minimum order of 6.