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CARIDAD is the only Luxury Event Painter in the world offering DRONE VIEW EVENT PAINTING for your wedding & events.

Let’s face it, drones have become a wedding trend that is definitely here to stay. As a luxury event painter I constantly strive to be innovative while offering the highest museum quality paintings for my exclusive clients. 

DRONE VIEW EVENT PAINTING for your wedding & events is so innovative, it isn’t even a hashtag yet! Jokes aside, it is truly a unique way of showcasing your unique Italian wedding location with its gorgeous landscape. 

With a dynamic birds eye perspective of your celebration, DRONE VIEW EVENT PAINTING is perfect for your outdoor cocktail hour. It captures the warm late afternoon golden light with a breathtaking panoramic view. One look at your painting and everyone will know it is Italy.

wedding painting at castello brown portofino italy


Ideally I arrive at your celebration location the day before and do a site inspection to understand the layout of the area and the natural light. Often this involves meeting with my clients to tune into their wishes and vision for the painting. 

The day of your celebration I arrive 2-3 hours before with a small canvas (60×80 cm.) in order to sketch in a general composition. I paint at your event for about 5 hours total. My assistant takes hundreds of reference photos during your celebration. By the end of my painting time my clients will have a general idea of what their final painting may look like. Their final painting will be upwards of 1 x 1 mt.

DRONE VIEW EVENT PAINTINGS are large in size and contain a considerable amount of detail. I focus on creating an epic masterpiece of your celebration. Slight characteristics and gestures of you and your guests will be captured along with floral decor and entertainers. Figures in the painting are unique and recognisable in an enchanting tableaux vivant that serves as a culmination of your joyful celebration and an heirloom object for generations to enjoy.


Once back in the studio, I go through all of the photos taken and make a selection. Afterwards I carefully place the key figures into the composition. I obviously include numerous other figures for compositional purposes and to give your painting the joyous feel of that special afternoon. Beauty cannot be rushed and depending on the size of your painting, 2-4 months (200+ hours) may be required to finish. 

Would you like a DRONE VIEW EVENT PAINTING of your next event? Visit my CONTACT page and fill in the form. It will be a pleasure to send you information and schedule an online meeting.

The above wedding cocktail took place at Castello Brown in Portofino, Italy.

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